Company Profile

Company Profile

In the beginning…

In 1970 a gallon of gas sold for $0.36, the average house sold for under $24,000, and New Electric was born in Burlington Ontario, Canada. The company serviced the Toronto community by doing electrical wiring in homes, shops, and factories. New Electric earned a reputation for excellence, quality and quick response, and soon became a major contractor in the Toronto area.

Our growth…

  • 1995: 15 employees
  • 1999: New Electric expands to Detroit, MI (Company Grows to 25 employees)
  • 2005: New Electric expands to Charlotte, NC (Company Grows to 45 Employees)
  • 2006: New Electric expands to North Toronto (Company Grows to 75 Employees)
  • 2008: New Electric opens new branches in Canton, MI and Cambridge, ON (Company Grows to 105 employees)
  • 2010: New Electric opens a new branch in Stoney Creek, ON (Company Grows to 150 employees)
  • 2012: New Electric opens a new branch in Barrie, ON (Company Grows to 200 employees)
  • 2013: New Electric Canton expands to a new facility in Plymouth, MI (Company Grows to over 200 employees)


To keep pace with today’s fast-growing, innovative business climate, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of electrical installations by using the latest technology. From our in-house Electronic Repair to new installation methods, we set the standards for our industry. We attribute our success to building strategic partnerships with our customers, and by treating them the way we want to be treated. We ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Office Locations

  • Oakville, ON
  • Sterling Heights, MI
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Vaughan, ON
  • Cambridge, ON
  • Plymouth, MI
  • Stoney Creek, ON
  • Barrie, ON


New Electric has been committed to a high quality of workmanship since 1970. We provide a safe work environment on all of our electrical installations. We believe the quality in our work will represent us for years to come. We know that people will do business with companies that meet their needs and provide reliable professional service.


At New Electric, we believe companies that uphold the highest safety standards produce the best quality and results. When we invest time and energy in our training and education programs, we are investing in the future of our employees. Our weekly workshops provide hands-on prevention training for common hazards such as arc-flash, falls, shocks, cuts, slips and many other hazards faced by employees each and every day. All of our electrical wiring installations are performed by qualified personnel.

Our comprehensive safety programs include:

  • Accountability for safety on all electrical wiring
  • Active participation in the safety process
  • Commitment of significant resources for safety training
  • Commitment to a drug-free workplace
  • Daily implementation of comprehensive safety policies
  • Frequent, job-site safety inspections
  • Ongoing commitment and involvement of senior leadership, that is dedicated to the safety of New Electric employees